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Reinventing the encyclopedia that Wikipedia killed

September 8, 2010

What a fascinating idea!

“This is historiography. This is what culture actually looks like: a process of argument, of dissenting and accreting opinion, of gradual and not always correct codification.

“And for the first time in history, we’re building a system that, perhaps only for a brief time but certainly for the moment, is capable of recording every single one of those infinitely valuable pieces of information. Everything should have a history button. We need to talk about historiography, to surface this process, to challenge absolutist narratives of the past, and thus, those of the present and our future.” -James Bridle

This is an example of how print is still relevant in a digital world. I would buy this; as a collectors item, as something I can use to kill time and just the feeling of being in touch with something when I’m reading through hours upon hours of debate and differing opinions.

We humans are fascinated by scandal and controversy. We consume and digest it as entertainment. So if not for anything else, the idea of reading through 12 dictionary thick volumes of internet arguments just brings out the absolute geek in me.

Picture and story found on ReadWriteWeb.

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