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Do you still use MySpace?

February 11, 2010

Or do you, like me and most other people, only just keep a ‘dead’ MySpace account while using Facebook?

My first experience with social networking was Friendster, which I think for many of us in South East Asia or Malaysia specifically, would have been the only social networking site we knew.

Then MySpace came along. This big, American innovation that looked sometime like the second-coming of Google.

So we all switched.

From memory, one of the biggest drawcards of MySpace was the ability to share music and also, the ability to change your profile template rather liberally as long as you knew some basic HTML.

The music sharing thing eventually became a clear unique and differentiating factor for MySpace against its rivals, exemplified by the number of pop stars, divas and big name rock bands that took to creating their own MySpace fan pages.

MySpace was, before YouTube came along, the one place on the net that could launch music careers for obscure or independent artists. Remember those days?

I guess what made it easy as well to switch to MySpace back then was because it was during a time when you used to get so many invites to join so many different things on the net. It was almost like a race to see how many service applications you could get your name and email hooked to, regardless of whether or not you used it.

Nowadays, we just call it spam and we filter it out. We’re more discerning (hopefully) of who or what we give our personal details to and we know that there’s no way in hell we’d actively use the hundreds of “make your life better, do X with your friends now!” apps that we get invites for each week.

So, given all of the factors that made MySpace a success, why then has it ‘died’?

Ironically; spam.

The same spam that probably led to people getting MySpace invites from mates in the first place, led to the creation of networks of thousands of people and subsequently, flooded inboxes, emails and comment pages with just LOTS and LOTS of SPAM.

That’s why I left MySpace, anyway.

I must admit that even as I left MySpace, I was somewhat pessimistic about Facebook. All I knew back then was that it was a more “secure” network and also, a more private one… sort of a closed-network type thing. Which is funny, considering I joined Facebook the same way I joined MySpace, through recommendations and an invite.

And everything since then is history as you know it, or as you’ve experienced it.

Now to be absolutely clear, MySpace isn’t actually dead in the water just yet. It’s sort of, dying… or at least it’s at the stage where its eyes are closed and its heart has stopped.

It could potentially be shocked back into life but according to TechCrunch and others, certainly not through the way in which News Corp has been doing it.

Here are some audience trending charts from TechCrunch’s article about their CEO resigning (after just 9 months on the job):

Here is MySpace’s traffic from New Zealand (from Nielsen Market Intelligence):

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  1. February 12, 2010 4:12 am

    Myspace is dead, at least here in new york city. I think what people like so much about facebook is that it’s much more private and people actually put true information on there. Plus, it’s so much easier to “stalk” someone when they’re best friend’s name isn’t “BabyGirlx26.”
    I feel like Facebook is beginning to become spam, too, though. How many of your notifications are from various apps/quizzes you don’t care about? Luckily, Facebook has an option to block those apps.
    Excellent post.

  2. February 12, 2010 7:03 am

    I’ve reached the stage a long time ago where I simply just ignore anything that’s not a friend or event invite.

    Where Facebook goes from here will be interesting. They know they can’t make money by being a closed network forever but they’re treading on thin lines in terms of not being the next MySpace.

    I actually blogged about this a while ago here:

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