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Tweeted Bare

July 17, 2009

Not very good to keeping to my word, am I? (Re: Keeping this blog updated).

Things have been really busy for me lately, so I’ve perhaps been a little too optimistic in terms of my initial goal to keep the posts (and ideas) flowing on this blog.

I’ve got a lot of things on my list of “to-write-about”, but right now, I’m just going to mention the ‘news of the moment’ that I’m really keeping track of.

On Tuesday, 14 July, TechCrunch received a zip file from a hacker containing over 300 confidential documents belonging to Twitter. The documents included financial projections, strategic plans, growth projections, revenue models, product development plans and even, personal information of individuals who have interviewed for senior positions in Twitter.

Since then, anyone who’s had or have a stake in the Twitter-effect (yes, this includes Silicon Valley VCs, Googles, Microsoft, Facebook and the swarm of tech-industry bloggers), are also probably glued to TechCrunch as they have promised to release selected documents, in consultation with their lawyers and Twitter.

Some of the released documents include:

“Final Tweet” – A pitch for a reality television show based around Twitter
Twitter’s internal strategy
Twitter’s financial projections

I’m not a believer in the Twitter-model. I’m not even a fan of the Twitter-effect. But I’m fully aware of the potential ‘change’ that Twitter can or may continue to bring to communications over the internet… so this makes for interesting reading nonetheless.

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